About us

MY.CO is an ICANN Accredited Registrar that provides Registry Gateway Services for the .CO TLD. The MY.CO Registrar Gateway Service is used by more than 20 renowned Registrars worldwideserving thousands of daily transactions.

.CO Internet is the official registry for the .CO TLD


MY.CO supports the .BLOG application of PRIMER NIVEL S.A. as part of the process of new domain extensions being developed by ICANN. MY.CO will proactively market and distribute .BLOG domains in the near future. Information will be posted in our NEWS section as developments occur.

Associated Registrars

The following Registrars currently partner with MY.CO for Registration services on the .CO extension. Further information and details can be found in each of these
Registrar´s corporate website.

Contact & Support

For contact and support please refer

to the following emails.

Support: support@my.co

Technical related inquiries: technical@my.co

General information: information@my.co


CL 93b 11a 84 LC 409, Bogotá,


Global Plaza, 50th street 21st floor,

Panama, Republic of Panama

Phone: (571) - 3792500



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Investor relations

Please contact us to investor@my.co for Investor Relations and investment opportunities.

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